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Is Offer & Discount Driving Brand Sales…

What do Brand differentiate?

Our teams interact with more than 350 customers on a given day. A key element of interaction is to get a sense of the customer buying behavior and mind set during purchase of high value branded good or services. Facts emerging out of this analysis is not surprising though it can […]


Technology To Engage Customer With Human Touch.

Customers Invisible, Data in CRM Outdated!
Building  Engagement Using Technology But With Human Touch
Behavior learning and intelligent systems are driving customer support. Human or machine, chat support is available on every customer care desk. IVR systems for self-assistance without human interventions are there for some time. These are the most common example of use of technology during customer support. Has it really improved experience? Our data on customer analysis says not really. Consumers get quite frustrated during chat interaction if […]

Engaging the Invisible Customer

Engaging the Invisible Customer

Customers Invisible, Data in CRM Outdated!
 CRM systems are traditionally being used to store details of customer contact & product information. Typically, there is no consistent interaction with customers due to which the contact details do not get updated and it becomes unusable over time. By estimates, contact details of 30-35% customers become unusable in 2 years after they become customer. Less than 3% customer emails are known but rarely authenticated.
Besides this, unknown customers accumulate to sizable numbers […]


Brand-Bashing on the Social Media; Is anyone listening?

Having closely worked with consumer brands, a fact that has consistently emerged is that not more than 30% of customers identify themselves with seller brands post purchase of goods. Either assisted or voluntarily, 3 out 10 customers get registered with brands. The worst part is that after the warranty period, most of these users become invisible. Their present whereabouts and contact details with brands go out of sync. Ironically, such high value brands and makers of household machines lose […]


5 Common washing machine problems & its solutions

The washing machine along with the refrigerator and the air conditioner make up the three most vital home appliances in today’s world. Unlike the other two, the washing machine problems can be identified and solved more quickly.
Here are 5 common washing machine problems and its solutions –
1) Washer Won’t Run
There are two reasons why this could be happening.
a) Good chances are that the washer is not plugged into a power source.
b) The knob that decides the cycle could be […]


Decide whether your home appliance needs repair or replacement?

Ever wondered what would be best for your home appliance? You hear noises coming out of your air conditioner and you wonder whether it simply needs repair or whether it needs to be replaced with a brand new one. We have all been there!
Repair and Maintenance services constitute roughly 15 percent of the total household expenditure. It is thus important to weigh your pros and cons before spending your money on either. Here are 3 considerations that will help […]


10 Easy tips to keep your refrigerator clean

Keeping your home refrigerator clean may seem like a herculean task. It is probably the most frequently used appliance at home, which gives room to food spills, spots, and various other drips. However, if the right methods and tips are followed, keeping your fridge clean and risk free is totally plausible!
Here are 10 easy tips you could use –
1) The very first step is to toss out every item in the fridge that is old. Make sure to practice […]


5 Things at home that need deep cleaning this summer!

Let’s face it! Summer tends to make you laid back with respect to daily chores and routines at home. Holidays are around this time, and lots of outdoor activity fill the days. It’s only natural that you are bound to neglect cleaning tasks inside our house!
But, the season is predictable, giving you more leverage to plan tasks ahead.
All good things do not last forever, as is with summer. That is exactly why you need to make your to-do list […]