Engaging the Invisible Customer

Engaging the Invisible Customer

Engaging the Invisible Customer

Customers Invisible, Data in CRM Outdated!

 CRM systems are traditionally being used to store details of customer contact & product information. Typically, there is no consistent interaction with customers due to which the contact details do not get updated and it becomes unusable over time. By estimates, contact details of 30-35% customers become unusable in 2 years after they become customer. Less than 3% customer emails are known but rarely authenticated.

Besides this, unknown customers accumulate to sizable numbers over years. Essentially it is resulting in erosion of brand’s assets and loss of opportunity. Leverage high NPS customers or elevate low NPS detractors, opportunities are being lost every day. Marketing, advertising and sales spend have not been capitalized. No surprise, most customers keep switching brands and look for offers, promotion. Customers have been unintentionally neglected. Out of many, structural problems in support mechanism are giving rise to systematic issues. The Brands are the worst impacted; Fallout is diminishing brand equity and its image.   


                   Organizations have started investing on customer centricity and consumer experience. It surely is a positive step. But has it changed ground reality? Is the impact really felt by consumer?


                      Let’s see what customers have to say about brand. From our experience, we observe that 4 of every 10 customers are passive or not interested due to poor experience. Customers think organizations & brands forget them after selling the product. Customer perception is that the Brands care least unless one makes noise. It’s no surprise, social media is flooded with service complaints and messages.


                    Use of technology to bring customer back and deliver rich experience is being talked about. Recent announcements by technology companies on customer engagement & experience is one such development. *Adobe announced its plan to build digital engagement technologies in partnership with tech giants like Microsoft and SAP.   

However deeper analysis is required. Without doubt, technology is playing key role but disruption to happen when technology is deployed with purpose and personal touch.


How will it be achieved?


                 First and foremost, get the right system in places and evolve CRM practices. A system dynamic enough to analyze and adopt customer’s changing environment is essential. Least of all is to maintain sync of contact information throughout the cycle. That calls for proactivity, non-pervasive tech and periodic interaction.


                   Next comes building right level of engagement with customers according to their preference and need. Blasting emails, SMS and offers is not going to build desired level of engagement. Often customer sees such unsolicited information push nothing better than noise.


              Meaningful engagement and fulfilling customer experience shall be built upon this foundation. There is no option but to maintain dynamic information & customer insight at individual level. While that being in progress, ground realities need to be tackled effectively.  


              Quality support and consistent communication with customer will increase reach out, build awareness and restore confidence.


Let’s continue this conversation in detail on must do alongside technology build up in subsequent blog.


*Reference – https://www.webpronews.com/adobe-creating-an-industry-around-digital-engagement-and-customer-experience-management/

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