Technology To Engage Customer With Human Touch.

Technology To Engage Customer With Human Touch.

Customers Invisible, Data in CRM Outdated!


Building  Engagement Using Technology But With Human Touch


Behavior learning and intelligent systems are driving customer support. Human or machine, chat support is available on every customer care desk. IVR systems for self-assistance without human interventions are there for some time. These are the most common example of use of technology during customer support. Has it really improved experience? Our data on customer analysis says not really. Consumers get quite frustrated during chat interaction if they don’t get prompt, accurate and quick response.

Users say, we attempt to call numbers for urgent needs but during the process they keep figuring out what option to choose for right response or many times not even aware of question to ask. Consumers eventually end up struggling to get pointed answers or to speak with representative.


Let’s look at what typically happens during on-premise support. Organizations have got tech implementation in their service management. Technicians carry app with location support, remote tracking, happy code from satisfied customers and many more. More advanced applications like AI are being explored if analysis of reported problem could be done before serviceman arrives at customer premise. It is really changing the service canvas if done accurately and effectively.


These are every day interaction scenarios between brand and customer. However, obvious question comes up, has user experience really improved? Most of the customers say “not much”


What is the reasons for such redundancy? There are multiple visits by serviceman for fixing the same issue, waiting on customer support is no less than earlier. Bots are pushing lot of data on chat box largely irrelevant.


Enriching experience through technology makes sense but it got to be crafted well. Customer insight and consistent engagement will help in building right model for customer reach out, gathering insight and for creating unforgettable experience. That is going to benefit everyone. Let’s take a closer look at below listed “Must Do” for realizing desired outcome by blending technology and human touch synchronously.


  1. Customers having poor support experience lack confidence in Brands to go back to them again.


“Active customer participation necessary for meaningful engagement”


Consumers today are deprived of basic hygiene support after purchase. Do they really worry about engagement? In our experience a satisfied customer is more receptive to information push, share feedback and positive opinion on Brands. Distressed ones are less likely to be a repeat customer leave aside engagement.


What are the options to win them back? Deep dive and follow up action is best method to restore confidence.


  1. Invisible customers of Brands are lost. These customers are asset. They must be discovered and recovered.


“Customers not in coverage are potential detractors. Brand experience diminishes due to word of mouth.”


Invisible customers can be sizeable opportunity for Brand. Incidentally, these figures are massive sometime up to 80% of total customers base across categories. Seller has no idea if customer is using the product or replaced it. We come across instances when product is replaced in 2 – 3 years after purchase when average life cycle is over 6 years.


  1. On field challenges due to scale can not to be excuse for poor support.


“Poor service experience destroys all possible engagement opportunity.”


Customer review portals & social media is flooded with customer feedback predominantly on poor service. Without providing appropriate service, engagement and experience are superficial and meaningless. Service without hassles is crucial in creating lasting experience. Customer in call center queue listening to music is not doing that at all.



Engaging customer is not a choice but an integral part of business process. Indeed, technology is pivotal to enhance experience, improve efficiency and facilitate customer reach but unless systematic issues are tackled, experience shall not be fulfilling. We can restrain ourselves calling customer centric till then. This transformation is gradual however disruptive. Our choices are limited


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