Yapnaa Scores High on Consumer Engagement

Yapnaa Scores High on Consumer Engagement

It is heartening to see large scale digital activities being undertaken by almost every consumer brand today. This transformation has been going on for some time but now it is beginning to take definitive visible shape. There is realization that digitization is for learning about customers, knowing user perspective of brand, resolving his day to day issues so that teams can achieve right product fit, offer right pricing and deliver support. Essentially that means engage with your customers right from the time he decides to come on board. Reactive breakdown support is not going to yield much on brand loyalty. Bars have risen multi fold in recent times; consumers expect proactive support and care for their sentiments. Great news is brands are meeting these expectations by going aggressive on digital route with a vision to transform customer relationship for tomorrow.

We are picking up from our previous conversation on proactive engagement between consumer and brand. We embarked on Yapnaa journey little over an year ago. Since then, so much has happened in consumer world, I would write about that and share our experiences in subsequent blogs. This time, I will keep myself brief by mentioning about our experience during association with consumer durable brands in recent times.

Yapnaa looked at digitalization for realizing critical outcome of customer engagement. It is satisfying to learn that consumers are voting for engagement need with brand. They recognize it as crucial factor during buying decisions.

Yapnaa securing high on consumer engagement reinforces the fact that digitization is about customer insight, timely support and mutual learning between customers & brands and more.

Yapnaa scored high on parameters such as innovation, awareness and uniqueness in the all India voting across 32 cities, and 4 neighboring countries to win the honor of SuperStartups Asia, 2018.

Detail report is available for interested readers.

I want to thank our customers, partners and team for taking this journey ahead successfully.

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