Simplified access to all details of products and services. Yapnaa provides the flexibility to manage the key aspects of service interactions with brands.

Consumers can now maximize value and minimize hassle by gaining easy access to related information, advice, raise request and support from the brands, all from the app. It helps in optimizing customer engagement with brands. .

How the App works?

1. Customer Onboarding: New customers can use simple signup using their email to gain access to key customer support and service resources.

2. Product Registration: Customers can register products with specific product information and serial number.

3. My Products: All registered products including the ones added by the customers can be accessed online at any time to track warranties and initiate any support or service requests.

4. Buy Service Plans: Customers can buy Service Plans for additional protection and activate plans purchased using other channels. All service plan entitlements are tracked along with standard warranty to show all service options to the customer throughout the product lifecycle.

5. Initiate Support Request: When Customers need assistance, they can initiate a support request online or via a mobile device. Customer support requests from the portal are routed to support agents at your contact center, and all communications can be tracked.

6. Schedule Services: Yapnaa mobile app allows customers to schedule inspections, maintenance, and service with the company’s authorized service network. The app keeps track of all service events and provides timely reminders and notifications to ensure product uptime and performance.